Home Improvement- Cracks in the Ceilings

The Causes of Ceiling Cracks


If the cracks are from moisture damage, you’ll most likely see ceiling cracks that almost look as though they’re crumbling or flaking. Flakes of paint may fall to the floor. This could be an issue with the plumbing or some kind of roof damage.

Structural Issue

This crack should look as though it’s running across the ceiling. If you see something like this, it means poor foundation. If it’s from not being waterproofed enough, the foundation is at risk of sinking, if not sinking already. These issues put the whole house under stress, which is why the cracks appear. This is definitely a time when they shouldn’t be ignored, although I don’t advise ignoring them at all.

Poor Workmanship

This is the most common of all the causes. These cracks appear shortly after the ceiling work is done, especially if the reasoning is improper curing of plaster. When the plaster is not mixed the correct way, the plaster turns brittle.

Fixing the Cracks

Sometimes replacing the ceiling is the safest bet. I know it sounds like a hassle, but it’s the best choice if it’s a dangerous situation, especially if a professional advises it. Don’t look at this in a negative way, it’s an excuse for some new home improvement! If it were me, I’d go for a decorative ceiling, like a dome ceiling! I’ve always wanted one for my dining room. As much as I would like a decorative ceiling, an easy fix is always preferred.

1.Drill drywall screws to hold it in place.

2.Remove any loose plaster with a utility knife.

3.Apply drywall tape to the whole crack.

4.Use a layer of joint compound, making sure it goes through the tape, filling the crack.

5.Create a smooth surface with a damp sponge and sand it for further smoothness.

6.Prime and Paint!

That’s the best and easiest way I know to fix those stubborn cracks. Don’t forget, if you think the cracks are serious, contact a professional.Do you have any other crack fixing tips? Share them with me! Feel free to refer to this video for more information.