Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

Tags: affordable home improvement

For someone who loves home improvement as much as I do, it’s important to come up with some ideas that aren’t too costly. I love doing large projects, but I would have no money left if that’s all I continued to do. Here are some ideas if you’re interested in some affordable home improvement.

Changing the Color of Your Front Door

Adding a fresh coat of paint and a new color will help to enhance the look of your home. If you’re used to seeing that same old blue door every time you arrive home, then switch it up and do a color like bright red! Little things like this CAN and WILL make a difference. When I changed my door to bright red, I also added a red rocking chair to my porch. You can do the same thing! Some other ideas include placing colorful planters and flowers by the newly painted door, or purchase some kind of wreath that will match! Piece of cake!

Place Colorful Boxes Inside the Closets of Your Home

I did this not too long ago and I’m so glad I did. Not only do these boxes help to keep my closet organized, they add some style too! My bathroom closet has three small blue boxes that each hold something different. My hallway closet has three medium yellow boxes. One holding my hats and gloves, one holding my umbrellas and the other holding my flashlights. I could tell you about all the closets in my home, but I think you get the point. Have style and stay organized! 🙂

Jars for Your Kitchen Counter

Save time and get organized by using jars in your kitchen. I have glass jars lined up against my wall and each of them hold something different, like tea bags and sugar. I don’t have to rummage through my cabinets to find the items I use everyday, plus I can never trust those sugar bags. They’re always breaking and spilling inside my cabinet. I also think they make for nice decoration in the kitchen. You can go for any kind you like, but I like glass ones because I can easily see what’s inside and when they need to be filled!